REFUGE at Crossway Fellowship is a group of jr & sernior high school students devoted to following Jesus, studying the word and pursuing one another in community. We wholeheartedly want to know Christ as our Savior and to make him known to others. We submit to the total truth of Scripture, and we believe time spent studying the bible deepens our understanding of God, grows us spiritually and encourages our faith. We want to make disciples—to equip young men and women with the truth of who Jesus is, what he has done, and what that means for us—and see that understanding take root and transform more lives for his glory.

Currently, we are studying a series called DISCIPLES FOR HIS GLORY!

We understand that our natural tendency is to live for ourselves,  but not to live for God’s glory. We usually relate being a Christian or a disciple with doing things. We typically assume that we are better Christians in relation to how much we do, more than who we are. What we do is strictly related to who we are, but what we do is, at times, not related to who we are. In Christian circles, it is common to see people who know how to do the right thing most of the time, but they aren’t what they portray to the exterior world.

Most of the Christian failures or frustrations have to do with the inner world, the personal sin, the internal motivations, the lack of passion for something that, in theory, should be the most crucial thing in our lives.

REFUGE meets weekly on Wednesday nights, 7 pm-9pm. Come for a time of games, worship and study of the gospel. All Jr & Sr. High School students are welcome.

Refuge Leaders

As Refuge leaders, we are first and foremost committed to the authority of Scripture. We believe that God has, in His grace, allowed us to get to know him better, serve Him, and glorify Him every day. We see ourselves not as activity coordinators or as entertainers of a youth group program but as shepherds of God's people. We believe that meaningful relationships are essential in the development of becoming more like Christ and we as a team are eager to come alongside the youth in a discipleship relationship. We believe it is essential to provide godly and qualified leaders to both girls and boys. For this reason we emphasize leadership that is provided by both. Refuge pursues building up men and women of God that will glorify Him with everything they have!


Moisés Ortiz

Pastoral Resident / Refuge Leader
I'm from Mexico! I’ve been involved in youth ministries for more than ten years and am currently pursuing a Master’s in Divinity at SBTS. I desire to be a missionary in Latin America! I love watching sports and movies, listening to music, traveling, hanging out with my friends, and eating. I enjoy several podcasts like Pastors talk, The Briefing, and The crossway podcast. Currently, my favorite book is Gentle and Lowly and my favorite Bible verse is Job 42:5.
Meg Web site

Megan Fox

Refuge Leader
I have been going to Crossway for about five years and I absolutely love my family here and I enjoy serving and worshiping with them each week! When I am not trying to find a new place to hike, camp, or travel I work as a nurse in the ER. Lord willing I would love to use my skills as a nurse overseas in the mission field. My favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 40:31.

Morgan Fox

Refuge Leader
I moved to Seattle in October 2020 so that I could be closer to family and am absolutely loving Crossway and getting to know everyone here! I´m a marketing manager for an education publishing company, but enjoy all things business, entrepreneurship, and graphic design. My favorite podcasts are Business Lunch and The Briefing, my favorite book is Living Life Backward by David Gibson, and my favorite Bible passage is Psalm 55.

Evan & Sophia Crawford

Refuge Leaders
We were married in October 2020 and began attending Crossway Fellowship shortly after. We both have a passion for discipleship and serving others. Evan plans to go to seminary and then desires to do vocational ministry after he completes his Bachelor's in Christian Studies with an Emphasis on Biblical Studies from GCU. Evan enjoys listening to podcasts such as The Sword and the Trowel or Ask Pastor John and absolutely loves Respectable Sins, by Jerry Bridges. His favorite Bible verse is Ezekiel 37:13-14. Sophia is currently doing her Bachelor's in Interior Design at Bellevue College and has a heart for Middle School ministry. She recommends The Alisa Childers and the Sheologians Podcast. Sophias favorite book of the Bible is Genesis.