Young Married's Community Group

As the CG title suggests, this group is focused on the intentional pursuit of building up healthy foundations for marriage, as God designed and intended, through the walking out of our faith in Jesus. Typically, our time is centered around a study from either a book of the Bible or a book that focuses on the topic of marriage or one that challenges ourselves as husband and wife to be more like Christ as partners, and less about ourselves as individuals.

We strive to be a community through the whole week and not just on Thursdays, by loving, serving, praying, and sharing meals together as we each experience the joys and hardships of life as believer's in a fallen world.

This group is co-led by Kyle and Carrie Stannert, and Rich and Elaine Malwitz.
We currently meet on Thursday evenings from 7:00 - 10:00pm.