Tussing Community Group

The Thoen Community Group meets on the first and third Tuesdays of the month in Mukilteo at 7 pm (most of the time)! We are comprised of basically the (older) adults  (late forties to retirement age) with adult children -  over the years the main focus has been praying over and discussing our families and adult kids -their challenges and OUR challenges with THEM...and adjusting to life with aging parents, etc. The strength in our group is truly the support and encouragement in each others lives...and dessert. We have been thru several books, a couple of video series, our study habits are more driven toward discussion than homework...NONE of us want homework. We are currently listening to a sermon series on 1st Samuel from Communion Church in Mt. Vernon -Jim Fikkert, of the 3strand network is Pastor there, and the series is powerful stuff.
Please contact Frank Thoen for time and location details.