September Recommendations

Hello Crossway Family,

September is here, and here I have some excellent recommendations for you.

At Crossway Fellowship, we think of different ways to continue focusing on the task that the Lord has called all of us.

Churches worldwide are thinking about being faithful to their calling and how to attract more people to come to church. But, unfortunately, it seems that each generation needs to reinvent the wheel for the church to keep being relevant to the new generation.

Nevertheless, each revival, each Bible-teaching church that succeeds in their calling set the foundation back to the basics—Evangelism, Discipleship, and Missions.

For some months, I'll be sharing different resources for us to think about Discipleship, Evangelism, and Missions.

By Dr. Timothy K. Beougher

In this sermon, Dr. Beougher explains the importance of Evangelism, but also he helps us understand effective ways in which we can share the gospel with others.

This sermon points out the importance and the responsibility that each believer has in sharing their faith with others. Evangelism is much more than a task. But is an active service that transforms people's eternity. Even though Christians understand the importance, people don't feel comfortable doing Evangelism most of the time. Dr. Beogher will encourage and direct us through practical ways to be witnesses of Jesus.


Dispatches from the front are several documentaries that account for missionaries working overseas in some of the most challenging areas to share the gospel. The advance of the Kingdom of God in some regions of the globe is dangerous and profoundly complex.

As people of God, we need to understand that missions overseas are our responsibility, probably not going directly, but supporting those called to go abroad. Knowing the stories and the challenges that our brothers and sisters face gives us the perspective that being a Christian in other places represents risk and dangers.

You can learn more about these stories at or you can watch it on AGTV

9Marks ministries has a collection called "building healthy churches" the purpose of this collection is to expand in the essential elements that a church needs to be a healthy Biblical church. For this month, I want to recommend to you their books on Evangelism, discipleship, and missions.

By J. Mack Stiles

In this book, Mack Stiles fights back the idea that Evangelism is a program or a scheduled campaign that people do as an event. Instead, Stiles reflects on the fact that Evangelism is an enthusiastic attitude of the follower of Jesus. However, far beyond event evangelism is an attitude that a follower of Jesus can't help.

By Mark Dever

In this book, Mark Dever pursuits the fundamental idea that all followers of Christ are called to make disciples. In Dever's words is helping others to follow Jesus. The book has the context of the local church in mind. How is it that in the church, we can help people to follow Jesus? That is the question that Dever answers in the book.

By Andy Johnson

In this book, Andy Johnson addresses the issue that we have been called to a mission of expanding the kingdom of Jesus Christ as Christians. Our mission field will be the workplace, school, or our social circles for most of us. Nevertheless, the Christian needs to remember that Jesus called His people to bring the gospel's message to the ends of the world. Johnson, in this book, helps us to understand in the context of the local church how we can get involved with the missionaries and missions organizations working overseas.

I hope you enjoy these September recommendations!