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Scott De Vight

At the appt with my Oncologist today we reviewed the CT and MRI results (15Aug test).

Overall, quite a "positive" status update.

*Brain - the (2) largest lesions have reduced in size. There are many new small lesions, but it's unclear if these are of any concern.

*Lungs - some concern with (4) new nodules, though all "small".

*Other organs (chest & pelvis) - generally "unchanged" and some nodules show some size reduction.

Related (side-effect) Issues

Lower legs (below knee), ankle & feet - continuous edema for 3+ weeks. Serum "seeping" out of a few scratches & scrapes on both legs.

My primary Oncologist is decreasing the dose of Gleevec (chemo tablet) that is suspected to be the main culprit causing the leg issues. Will go from 800 to 600 mg per day as of Fri (19Aug).

Most current blood lab results indicate a few ticked up a bit, out of the normal range (since 21Jul draw) - but nowhere close to where they were in late Feb.


- Cancer seems to be generally no growing or spreading

- Treatment proceeding with no significant side-effects

- Feeling more "normal" - ever so slowly


- God's healing touch to totally eradicate cancer from my body

- Side-effects continue to "fade" and are temporary

- to take a day at a time, continuing to trust our faithful, all-sufficient and sovereign God - who is working out His perfect will in us - to know Him and be more Christ-like.

Appreciate your prayers and encouragement!

Received: August 24, 2022