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I prayed for this

Prayed for 30 times.

Scott J De Vight

This week I had the subject tests - the first CT scan & MRI since late Feb.


The blood work results continue to show steady improvement with only (2) values remaining slightly elevated - indicating continued improvement in liver function.

The CT Scan results show either no change or a decrease (ranging from ~27 to 45%) in size of the metastasized lesions for the affected organs.

The liver, which had innumerable metastases in late February is improved, although multiple lesions remain.

The brain MRI results show either no change or a decrease (ranging from ~25 to 33%) in size of the metastasized lesions. No new or increased lesions are demonstrated.

Thus, I will continue on my treatment plan - as the criteria for doing so - no spread or growth of the cancer and no significant complications or side-effects - is being met. This is a major answer to prayer!!!

The next CT scan & MRI will be in late July/early August.


I continue to experience several minor side-effects from the radiation treatment (finished 16Mar) and chemotherapy tablets. Please pray these improve/resolve themselves.

Praise Him from Whom ALL Blessings flow!


Received: May 23, 2022