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Prayed for 42 times.

Scott J De Vight

Since late January, it’s been “fast & furious” regarding updates to my diagnosis.

From my 22Feb CT scan we learned the cancer had metastasized to my kidneys, adrenals and had significantly grown and spread in my liver. Blood work and symptoms show the start of liver failure.

Given the rapid aggressive growth of the cancer in my liver, on 24Feb a third (chemotherapy) drug was added to try and “pause” the growth and spread of cancer, specifically in the liver. Likely this will not reduce, but will hopefully give the immunotherapy drug (Keytruda) time to “kick-in”, as it takes 6-8 wks to start performing it’s intended function – to super-charge my immune system to fight the cancer. I had my first immunotherapy session on 24Feb and it should continue every 3 weeks.

Yesterday’s MRI of my brain showed widespread (45 locations) metastases of melanoma. At this time these lesions are not (perceptively) impacting any of my brain functions. Please pray I am able to get on the schedule early this week for radiation, as I am hoping to avoid being admitted.

This week has been exhausting in terms of the avalanche of "bad news". I feel like a punching bag used in one of Muhammad Ali's training sessions. Yet, God IS FAITHFUL and continues to use this experience to draw us/drive us to Him. May we know Christ as our peace that surpasses all understanding and be enveloped in God’s faithfulness and lovingkindness.

Assuming I respond “favorably” (no occurrence of any serious side-effects (UC or other) and the cancer is “progression-free”), my liver does not decline, etc., then treatment plan would be to remain on the UC and immunotherapy infusions for two years.

The bigger the cancer challenge, the bigger will be the miracle of His healing touch - if that is His will - as we pray so from our hearts. Either way - and I speak this by faith - His GRACE is sufficient!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

Received: February 26, 2022