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Roberta Golike

Scott (Golike) has been admitted to Providence Hospital for a treatment to remove the excess fluid that has been impacting his breathing. He was admitted on Wednesday (7/20) and will stay through at least Monday (7/25). We thank the Lord for the attentive medical care Scott has received.

We are asking the Lord to renew Scott’s strength & breathing so he can enjoy our daughter’s wedding on August 21st.

Some of you have shared your experiences or medical knowledge with us. This has been a great help & encouragement! Thank you for your continued prayer for both of us & our family.

~Roberta, for Scott & our family

Received: July 22, 2022

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Susan Ramones

Please keep my brother and sister in law in prayer for some upcoming travel and her alcoholism, which surfaces when she faces challenges in life. She sinks into anxiety and depression when times are tough, and the drinking is her coping mechanism, despite previous attempts to seek help. I am praying for her to know and seek Christ in all of this. They do not live close by, so it is a challenge to walk beside her as often as would be more helpful. Please pray God will open doors for her to hear His word, and that she will DESIRE to Find comfort in Him. Pray for safety and calm on a road trip back to WA from Minn. Thank you !

Received: July 20, 2022

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Tim Spiro

Lakeside Bible Camp has some prayer requests for cabin leaders. This is a opportunity for young people to help disciple others in their walk with the Lord.

Pray for workers to serve at LBC. There is a honorarium for TCL2 cabin leaders for $1000. July31-Aug20. Contact Daniel Jensen on LBC website.

Received: July 20, 2022

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i am having thumb surgery on thursday morning (7.7.2022), and would appreciate any and all prayers for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. thanks!

Received: July 7, 2022

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Scott J De Vight

This week I had the subject tests - the first CT scan & MRI since late Feb.


The blood work results continue to show steady improvement with only (2) values remaining slightly elevated - indicating continued improvement in liver function.

The CT Scan results show either no change or a decrease (ranging from ~27 to 45%) in size of the metastasized lesions for the affected organs.

The liver, which had innumerable metastases in late February is improved, although multiple lesions remain.

The brain MRI results show either no change or a decrease (ranging from ~25 to 33%) in size of the metastasized lesions. No new or increased lesions are demonstrated.

Thus, I will continue on my treatment plan - as the criteria for doing so - no spread or growth of the cancer and no significant complications or side-effects - is being met. This is a major answer to prayer!!!

The next CT scan & MRI will be in late July/early August.


I continue to experience several minor side-effects from the radiation treatment (finished 16Mar) and chemotherapy tablets. Please pray these improve/resolve themselves.

Praise Him from Whom ALL Blessings flow!


Received: May 23, 2022

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Kelli De Vight

Hello, all. The roller coaster continues and we’d appreciate prayer.

Scott has an MRI and CT scan in the morning. He’s become more affected by the chemo. He’s experiencing uncomfortable side effects…and he rarely complains, so I’m sure they aren’t fun. Please continue to pray for healing and also for physical comfort. Thank you all.

Abby’s case is also tenuous and big decisions will be made soon…as in probably weeks. We are praying for a Christian home that will just pour into this happy, joyful 2 year old who has blessed our home for almost a year! What a year. God is good…and sovereign. Believing this more than ever. Thank you, again. Kelli

Received: May 15, 2022

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Kerry Munson

Please pray for Lois Larsen and her sister Lorainne. Their brother passed away last week. Please pray for Lois to have understanding and to focus on her positive memories of her brother. Pray that Lorainne will have the strength and finances for the arrangements she needs to make. If you want to drop Lois a card, she has moved since the directory was last updated. Her apartment is 10J.

Received: April 24, 2022

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Carrie Stannert

Stannert family update: The Lord provided a job for Kyle & our family is thrilled to share that we will moving back to Washington in June. We can’t wait to return to and serve with our Crossway family. We would love prayer as we make this transition & move especially since this will be our 2nd cross country move in little over a year. Please pray for our home in Colorado to sell quickly and that the Lord would lead us & provide a new home in WA as we have a very limited area we can purchase a home in as well as a small timeline in the current market. Please pray for our hearts as we wrap up and say goodbye to this season in Colorado and as we enter a new season in WA including the changes it will bring for our family and specifically this new job for Kyle. Thank you! ️

Received: April 20, 2022

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Kelli De Vight

Wanting to share that we have much to be thankful for as we head into this weekend. Please praise Him with us.

- Scott’s oncologist called late last night to say thst, for the second week in a row, his liver labs have plunged…(down is good). He’s been very surprised that this has occurred just two weeks in to chemo. One’s liver does much, so a functioning one is a good thing and this type of a surprise so refreshing.

- Scott will have radiation tx #7 of 10 this morning and yesterday was the first day he woke without head pain. So good. He should finish on Wednesday. No hair loss yet.

- Though we haven’t talked with her, Isabella’s mom texts and says she’s doing well. She started ‘school’ yesterday (which I’m sure she’ll love and I’ll feel better that there will be other’s eyes on her daily).

Thank you all.

Received: March 11, 2022

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Kelli De Vight

Hello Family! (Insert Oaken meme)

Thank you does not communicate how much we felt so loved, prayed for, and blessed by your support, care for us, interest in Bella and her mom as we flew Isabella to MN. Mac did get to come with and I honestly don’t know how I would have managed the logistics of Bella’s things, 3 year old Bella’s 3year oldness, the required complete masking on the flight, saying goodbye, etc. alone. The Lord covered this and many other details as only He could. One huge ‘yes’ He gave was that Bella ran straight into her mom’s arms. She hadn’t done this ever, that we’d seen, and it was so heart warming and encouraging…to us, AND to her nervous mom. God is gracious that this will be one of our last memories for now. Again, thank you all. What a family.

Received: March 7, 2022