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Tim Spiro

Please pray for Lakeside Bible Camp:

They need spiritual leaders and there are very few who are willing and able to help. There are waiting lists for kids who want to go to LBC but they don’t have enough qualified cabin leaders and TCL directors.


Do you have what it takes to lead a cabin for a week? To share the gospel on a 1-1 conversation? We prefer to have 2 cabin leaders per cabin so that each camper can talk to someone about their gospel questions throughout the week. Please consider taking on this important ministry. We still have needs for:

* Jr. Boys Camp - July 9–16

* HS Camp - July 16–23

* Jr. Girls - July 23-30

* Sr. Boys - July 30-Aug 6

* Jr. High - Aug 6–13


Do you have a gift of teaching God’s Word? The TCL Directors are typically a married couple that brings their family to camp during the TCL session. This is a great opportunity to grow in your skill of making disciples. Throughout the day there are times to teach God’s Word as well as times to help teenagers learn to spend time with God on a quiet-time. The TCL Directors play an important role during a week at camp helping us equip young believers to be servants in the Kingdom of God. LBC still needs TCL Directors for the following sessions:

* Jr. TCL 1 - July 16-23

* Jr. TCL 2 - July 23-30

* TCL 2 - July 30-Aug 20

If you are interested in directing a TCL, please contact Daniel Jensen


Are you an RN or a Paramedic that wants to use your gifts & training to provide a first-aid response to camper safety issues. We have a couple weeks where camp would be blessed to have a skilled first-responder to care for camper and their medications. If you are interested, please contact Daniel Jensen

* Junior Boys (July 9-16)

* Senior Boys (July 30-Aug 6)

* High School (July 16-23)

Received: July 2, 2022

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Tim Spiro

I’m now going to lakeside Bible Camp in the afternoons to teach the senior girls how to fish. My main objective is to share with the kids that fishing is a good time to talk to God about everything because He really does care for them and wants to have this time to talk with them. As I was talking to girl “K” about fishing and God, who she knows, another girl came up “J” who has never fished before. So I was showing her how to fish and explained to her how I like to talk to God while fishing. She told me that before she came to LBC, she didn’t know much about Jesus but now she knows more, and “now I think I need to be saved”. So I was able to share with her about the Gospel and she understood what I was saying about jn3:16 . I told her she could ask Jesus into her life as her Lord and savior, now, if she would ask Him and she did and as she was asking, her fishing pole started to bounce. She caught a big fish.

So two prayer requests that “J” will be strong in her new faith in Jesus and that “K” will be a “fisher of men”, now that she watched what happened!

Received: June 30, 2022

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Tim Spiro

Sr. Girls, at LBC, things to pray for.

Today marks the first full day of kids camps for the Summer. Reports from cabin leaders this morning came with optimism for a good week ahead. It's still early in the week and campers are just getting to know each other. During this part of the week they rely heavily on their friends they already know, as the week goes on, they get to know they other girls in their cabins through 1-1 times. These are 30-minute blocks of time on the schedule where campers get paired together so they can walk around, talk, and discover commonalities.

Pray for cabins to bond early in this week.

Pray friendships would develop as campers spend time during 1-1s.

Pray game times would help campers realize what they can do together.

Pray for discussion questions would bring out important conversations during cabin times.

Pray for the cabin leaders to share Christs love & His Gospel.

Pray for a clear gospel message from our speaker Jenessa Rode.

Received: June 27, 2022

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Scott J De Vight

This week I had the subject tests - the first CT scan & MRI since late Feb.


The blood work results continue to show steady improvement with only (2) values remaining slightly elevated - indicating continued improvement in liver function.

The CT Scan results show either no change or a decrease (ranging from ~27 to 45%) in size of the metastasized lesions for the affected organs.

The liver, which had innumerable metastases in late February is improved, although multiple lesions remain.

The brain MRI results show either no change or a decrease (ranging from ~25 to 33%) in size of the metastasized lesions. No new or increased lesions are demonstrated.

Thus, I will continue on my treatment plan - as the criteria for doing so - no spread or growth of the cancer and no significant complications or side-effects - is being met. This is a major answer to prayer!!!

The next CT scan & MRI will be in late July/early August.


I continue to experience several minor side-effects from the radiation treatment (finished 16Mar) and chemotherapy tablets. Please pray these improve/resolve themselves.

Praise Him from Whom ALL Blessings flow!


Received: May 23, 2022

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Kelli De Vight

Hello, all. The roller coaster continues and we’d appreciate prayer.

Scott has an MRI and CT scan in the morning. He’s become more affected by the chemo. He’s experiencing uncomfortable side effects…and he rarely complains, so I’m sure they aren’t fun. Please continue to pray for healing and also for physical comfort. Thank you all.

Abby’s case is also tenuous and big decisions will be made soon…as in probably weeks. We are praying for a Christian home that will just pour into this happy, joyful 2 year old who has blessed our home for almost a year! What a year. God is good…and sovereign. Believing this more than ever. Thank you, again. Kelli

Received: May 15, 2022

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Kerry Munson

Please pray for Lois Larsen and her sister Lorainne. Their brother passed away last week. Please pray for Lois to have understanding and to focus on her positive memories of her brother. Pray that Lorainne will have the strength and finances for the arrangements she needs to make. If you want to drop Lois a card, she has moved since the directory was last updated. Her apartment is 10J.

Received: April 24, 2022

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Carrie Stannert

Stannert family update: The Lord provided a job for Kyle & our family is thrilled to share that we will moving back to Washington in June. We can’t wait to return to and serve with our Crossway family. We would love prayer as we make this transition & move especially since this will be our 2nd cross country move in little over a year. Please pray for our home in Colorado to sell quickly and that the Lord would lead us & provide a new home in WA as we have a very limited area we can purchase a home in as well as a small timeline in the current market. Please pray for our hearts as we wrap up and say goodbye to this season in Colorado and as we enter a new season in WA including the changes it will bring for our family and specifically this new job for Kyle. Thank you! ️

Received: April 20, 2022

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Kelli De Vight

Wanting to share that we have much to be thankful for as we head into this weekend. Please praise Him with us.

- Scott’s oncologist called late last night to say thst, for the second week in a row, his liver labs have plunged…(down is good). He’s been very surprised that this has occurred just two weeks in to chemo. One’s liver does much, so a functioning one is a good thing and this type of a surprise so refreshing.

- Scott will have radiation tx #7 of 10 this morning and yesterday was the first day he woke without head pain. So good. He should finish on Wednesday. No hair loss yet.

- Though we haven’t talked with her, Isabella’s mom texts and says she’s doing well. She started ‘school’ yesterday (which I’m sure she’ll love and I’ll feel better that there will be other’s eyes on her daily).

Thank you all.

Received: March 11, 2022

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Kelli De Vight

Hello Family! (Insert Oaken meme)

Thank you does not communicate how much we felt so loved, prayed for, and blessed by your support, care for us, interest in Bella and her mom as we flew Isabella to MN. Mac did get to come with and I honestly don’t know how I would have managed the logistics of Bella’s things, 3 year old Bella’s 3year oldness, the required complete masking on the flight, saying goodbye, etc. alone. The Lord covered this and many other details as only He could. One huge ‘yes’ He gave was that Bella ran straight into her mom’s arms. She hadn’t done this ever, that we’d seen, and it was so heart warming and encouraging…to us, AND to her nervous mom. God is gracious that this will be one of our last memories for now. Again, thank you all. What a family.

Received: March 7, 2022

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Kelli De Vight

Filling the prayer wall today! I’m hoping many will be praying for Isabella this week, as a case team meeting (myself, her birthmom and birthmom’s lawyer, case workers, judge,etc.) will Zoom Monday afternoon. The primary agenda item will be how and when to return Bella to her mom. I believe we will be told she will need to leave this next week. Please pray that this sweet, trusting 3 year old will be totally surrounded by His comfort and peace, safe, secure, and attach well w/mom quickly and in a healthy way. Again, thank you all for your prayers at this emotional time for us all. We, of course, love her deeply.

Received: February 27, 2022

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