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Larry Byrne

Please pray for Komal Alam, as she is going through a very difficult time. There are significant relationship and immigration issues that are contributing to her current challenges. Most importantly, she needs her church family to be praying for her that she’d rest in the Lord’s strength.

Received: November 15, 2022

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Kelli J De Vight

Ok! Perhaps our last Abby request!

After two placements that have been denied by the State or fallen through (praise God), it seems the attorneys, judge and DCYF workers have settled on a family for Abby. We are so grateful for the many answered prayers prayed by our family and by all of you. Though we will miss her precious, happy presence in our home and her joyful chatter from the backseat, we can be nothing but thankful as we head into this most fitting of holidays. We will get to play a bit longer, then settle her into her lovely new Christian home with her forever family sometime before Christmas. If you would please pray that He would be preparing her over then next weeks for this big transition, preparing this family for her to join them, preparing her birth mom for this difficult time and that He would draw her to Himself, and preparing our family, that we would rejoice in the strength of His testimony and look forward to what He has next for us. A church family that truly cares for these kids and invests their own hearts into them is such a gift to experience and watch. Thank you all.

Received: November 12, 2022

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Scott De Vight

At the appt with my Oncologist today we reviewed my most recent blood work and scan (CT & MRI) results. The majority of the lesions are unchanged. Overall, quite a good status update. Blood work values all “in range” or slightly above/below.

Related (side-effect) Issue - Lower legs (below knee), ankle & feet - continuous edema and serum "seeping" out of a few scratches & scrapes on both legs – is much better after a 25% reduction in my chemo tablet (as of mid Sep). So thankful!

A day at a time, continuing to trust our faithful, all-sufficient and sovereign God.

Received: November 3, 2022

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Courtney Nicholson

Please pray that the Lord will send relief to the hospitals. We are currently facing staffing shortages at levels, I have yet to see in my hospital, even lacking in travelers(relief workers). Prayers for people to stay healthy in general, staff to find perseverance, energy and be filled with the Holy Spirit to deliver compassion, quality care to our patients.

Received: October 12, 2022

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Larry Byrne

Please pray for Bob Wilson (Navy Bob), he is quite sick. He has not been able to keep food down for a few days and has lost a significant amount of weight.

Received: October 7, 2022

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Chloe Travis

I have my NCLEX exam on Monday morning (the 19th) and would love prayers that I would pass!

Received: September 18, 2022

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Kelli De Vight

Abby Update- Thank you for praying! Look what God has done and is doing…

- The dreaded judge was somehow gone the day of the hearing. The judge that presided was communicative and interacted well with all.

- The ICPC (interstate agreement that mandated Abby go to a woman in Bend) expired. (Very good)

- Abby’s birth mom has essentially decided to relinquish. (Significant)

- There are two parties interested in adopting Abby, both of whom are believers! (Woot!)

- Abby is beginning to speak.

Thank you all for praying. We’ll be saying goodbye to this sweet girl (relatively) soon. Crossway has been so much a part of her adjustment, security, growth. Special thanks to the nursery team.

Received: August 27, 2022

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Scott De Vight

At the appt with my Oncologist today we reviewed the CT and MRI results (15Aug test).

Overall, quite a "positive" status update.

*Brain - the (2) largest lesions have reduced in size. There are many new small lesions, but it's unclear if these are of any concern.

*Lungs - some concern with (4) new nodules, though all "small".

*Other organs (chest & pelvis) - generally "unchanged" and some nodules show some size reduction.

Related (side-effect) Issues

Lower legs (below knee), ankle & feet - continuous edema for 3+ weeks. Serum "seeping" out of a few scratches & scrapes on both legs.

My primary Oncologist is decreasing the dose of Gleevec (chemo tablet) that is suspected to be the main culprit causing the leg issues. Will go from 800 to 600 mg per day as of Fri (19Aug).

Most current blood lab results indicate a few ticked up a bit, out of the normal range (since 21Jul draw) - but nowhere close to where they were in late Feb.


- Cancer seems to be generally no growing or spreading

- Treatment proceeding with no significant side-effects

- Feeling more "normal" - ever so slowly


- God's healing touch to totally eradicate cancer from my body

- Side-effects continue to "fade" and are temporary

- to take a day at a time, continuing to trust our faithful, all-sufficient and sovereign God - who is working out His perfect will in us - to know Him and be more Christ-like.

Appreciate your prayers and encouragement!

Received: August 24, 2022

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Kelli De Vight

Hi all.

I received a text from Abby’s birth mom an hour ago saying that there is a hearing tomorrow that her lawyer told her this afternoon is ‘really important about decisions and stuff’. It would be uncharacteristic of her to text this if it wasn’t so, but Abby’s new caseworker was actually in our home today and said nothing about it. So…I just don’t know. There have been strange things about this case, but many answers to prayer, as well. Please pray the Zoom info her mom gave me is correct if there is indeed a hearing and that I can advocate well and unemotionally for Abby. There is not a CASA for her case. Thank you !

Received: August 24, 2022

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Courtney Nicholson

Please continue to pray for Scott (Nicholson), that the dr’s would be able to understand what is causing the symptoms and what if anything is going on with his heart. Please also pray for Scott to be patient with his recovery process and that he really finds ways to rest.

Received: July 22, 2022