Poteete Community Group

Come join us Mondays in Woodinville (house 1 mile from freeway). Our unified heart is that this is a group focused on Jesus Christ resulting in close community with one another and growing God's kingdom. We, as Christians, need to be in community with one another. That means that we need to be purposeful in our relationship with one another. We need to be there for each other and we need to be active in each other’s lives. We need to give permission to others to speak into our lives as well as accept the responsibility to speak into each other’s lives with love, grace, and truth. We recognize that this is counter to the individualism that permeates our American culture today and is not easy to do for us. We also recognize that each of us have been called into this family, bringing with us different life experiences, unique gifts from the Holy Spirit, and a passion to serve the living God. We understand that this is not an overnight process and can only be accomplished by focusing on our Savior first. We see our group as a family and as such, we meet every Monday and share a meal and wine together at 6pm in Woodinville. Our family members range from 18 to 55 year olds, singles to married with young children, to empty nesters. After dinner, (usually around 7pm), we start a study in a book of the bible (lead by Carl Poteete). After the study, we transition into a prayer time where we pray for each other. After prayer time, we just spend time together.

If you are interested, please contact Carl Poteete so we can make sure we handle any dietary restrictions and have enough food for everyone.

Thanks, Carl