October Recommendations

Hello Crossway,

Our October recommendations continue to focus on Evangelism, Discipleship, and Missions. We understand as a church that our commitment as God’s people is to place our heart, mind, and effort in these three activities. I hope these resources will be helpful for you and encourage you to persevere in the calling that Jesus has given you.

By Mike Riccardi

This sermon explains the relevance of knowing that the Scripture equips us to do effective evangelism.

The best testimony is the one that presents and exalts Christ as the only way for salvation in the Bible. Trusting the sufficiency of Scriptures is the best possible strategy we can ever have to preach Christ to non-believers.



By Ryan Denton

Jesus called his followers to go to the nations and to share the gospel with all people. But evangelism is probably one of the most uncomfortable things to do for a large number of Christians.

The reality is that many Christians don’t know how to do it, or they have misconceptions about evangelism. Ryan Denton explains in this small book ten common misconceptions of what evangelism is.

By Jim Stump

In the great commission Jesus called his followers to make disciples. Throughout history, the church was characterized by the old art of living life together. Jesus sent his disciples in groups of two to fulfill the task of preaching the gospel. The Bible expresses in many passages the importance of having a gospel partner. Paul and Timothy are beautiful examples of the power of Christian mentorship.

In this book, Jim Stump makes a case of the importance of recovering the one-on-one dynamic among Christians.

By Michael Haykin & Jeffrey Robinson

John Calvin is known in many Christian circles as the theologian. However, Calvin’s work as a scholar and a titanic author that helps to clarify and systematize Christian theology is what makes Calvin, Calvin.

Nevertheless, few people know about Calvin’s conviction and involvement in preparing men for the missions field. This book explores Calvin’s conviction to preach the Word to all nations, preparing and sending missionaries overseas to present the gospel.

I hope you enjoy these October recommendations!