November Recommendations

Dear Crossway Family,

As you have heard, at Crossway, we emphasize the importance of evangelism, discipleship, and mission as the framework where our ministry happens. So this month, I want to recommend three little booklets that will help you think about those three core elements of the Universal Church and Crossway as a local church.

By Mark Collins

As Christians, we understand that God has commanded His people to bring the gospel's message to all people and all nations. But aren't missions just for missionaries? If God has called me to live home, in the place where I was born, how can I be part of the advance of God's kingdom among the nations?

Mark Collins, in this short book, gives an excellent perspective to answer these questions. In addition, this booklet will provide you with a framework to think about international missions, as a potential missionary and as someone who could help and support missions.


By J. Garrett Kell

Have you ever felt the desire to grow or be discipled? I can promise you that pursuing someone more mature to disciple you on a one-on-one dynamic is awkward. How do you build those relationships which will grow you as a believer and help you be pointed to Christ?

This little booklet will help you consider a way to pursue those meaningful relationships to pursue being more like Jesus.


By Isaac Adams

I believe all Christians know they need to share Jesus with others, but I think most of us feel that our evangelism is not good or is not effective. Isaac Adams did an excellent job giving Scriptural hope to all who believe that we could do better. But, unfortunately, the joy of sharing Christ sometimes is not that joyful. So I encourage you to gain heart through this booklet to rejoice as you share with others about Jesus.


I hope you enjoy these November recommendations!