July Recommendations

Hello Crossway Family,

Starting in July, I want to recommend various resources to you for personal study, to get encouragement on your faith, or just to learn more about Christianity. I enjoy reading, watching movies, and listening to sermons or podcasts (some people say that I’m a geek- I think they're right). I love to share things that I’m passionate about with the people I love. Crossway is my family, and I will love to share with you something that I’m passionate about.

This month I want to recommend several things to you:

By Alister Begg

In this sermon, Pastor Begg explores the importance and the relevance of the Cross in our salvation. He reflects on the mistake of not preaching the gospel to ourselves constantly. Despair or arrogance is closer than we think when we forget about the preeminence of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.

By Ray Rhodes

This biography of Susana Spurgeon is fascinating. Several of Charles Spurgeon’s biographers agreed that it’s a mistake to consider Charles Spurgeon’s ministry apart from the work, love, and influence that Susie had on the Prince of Preachers.

As you discover the inspirational life of Mrs. Spurgeon, the book helps us remember the crucial role that women play in the history of Christianity.

By David Mathis

Spiritual Disciplines are things that all Christians want to do better and more often, but they many times fail. Habits of Grace is a book that reviews the main spiritual disciplines in a really simple way. The author reminds us that the purpose of the habits of grace is not to read, pray, or do more but to grow in holiness. These are the means of grace that God has given us to know Jesus more and better so that we can be conformed to His image.

There is also a study guide for this book. This book could be used for personal study, family study, or small group study.

This is a 30-episode series that talks about relevant events in the life of Martin Luther. The format will remind you of an old radio drama.

Episodes are no longer than 15 minutes, and you will learn more about the life and legacy of Martin Luther.

I hope you enjoy these July recommendations!