Crossway Fellowship is a community of faith called by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to glorify and serve the living God.

The following core commitments help guide us in this.

God has loved us with an incomprehensible love - so Crossway Fellowship loves all people as made in his image.

Listen to the sermon: Compelled To Love Others.

God has revealed himself and his will in the Scriptures - so Crossway Fellowship gladly obeys his word as truth.

Listen to the sermon: Compelled To Obey The Truth.

God has redeemed us to be his people - so Crossway Fellowship pursues life together in the unity of the Spirit.

Listen to the sermon: Why Are We Compelled To Walk Together?

God has reconciled us to himself through Jesus Christ alone - so Crossway Fellowship proclaims him crucified, risen, and returning.

Listen to the sermon: Compelled To Proclaim Christ.

You can listen to the Biblical foundation of our core commitments here.