How to Use Zoom for Church

We find ourselves in unprecedented times. As we do our best to stay connected, everyone from teachers/students to businesses to churches are utilizing tools like Zoom. This page is meant to resource you in doing so. If you watch these videos then you should be able to effectively navigate everything Zoom has to offer. If you will be joining meetings but not hosting or scheduling them then you only need to watch the Intro Videos and browse the Tips section.

Intro to Zoom

These four videos will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with Zoom and join a meeting.

Advanced Zoom

These videos are not necessary for anyone only interested in joining a meeting. If you are a group leader then these videos will walk you through everything you need to know to schedule and host a meeting.

Tips for Improving Your Zoom Experience

  1. Face a window or light source - try not to a have your light source behind you.
  2. Wear headphones/earbuds - so everyone can hear you clearly and there’s no audio feedback due to their voice going back in through your microphone.
  3. Raise you computer/webcam up to eye level - so we’re not looking up your nose. Stacking some books under your computer or placing your device on a shelf works well.
  4. Position yourself as close to your internet router as possible for the fastest connection.