An exhortation on Biblical stewardship

At Crossway Fellowship and we teach regular and sacrificial financial giving is part of faithful discipleship. That we who follow Christ should be giving regularly to our local church as good stewards of God's grace to us. We provide online giving for this purpose.

But, I want to remind you of a couple of things. First, financial gifts are offerings of worship. Second, they are meant to be given intentionally and with glad and cheerful hearts, so whether you are attending a Sunday morning service or via Livestream, we ask you to give prayerfully.

Consumer debt is dangerous. If you are struggling with consumer debt carrying debt month to month, unable to pay off your credit cards, we will encourage you to consider not giving online.

In that case, you want to find a different way to give. You should continue to give because that is a healthy step toward overcoming consumer debt and submitting your finances to God's priorities for you. So give by check or a different way, don't use your credit cards.

If you would like some help with consumer debt, we would love to come alongside you and show you what the Bible says about God's priorities for stewardship over finances. So let us know, and we'll be happy to do that.


God bless you and thank you for your faithful offerings.