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What Must You Leave Behind?

What must we leave behind if we are to follow Christ? The simplest answer is that we must leave behind idolatry. That’s the very first commandmentâ€"you shall have no other gods before me. There are all sorts of gods: education, athletics, marriage, choice, power, self-expression, beauty, achievement. Whatever you give your whole life for, there’s your ...

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You Were Created to Sing

The beauty of Christ is the cause of our songs. His glory draws worship from our hearts to our lips (Revelation 5:6��"14, 7:9��"12)....

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What That Empty Seat Says

We’ve all done it. We shuffle down a row of chairs and, just before we arrive at a person, we stop one chair short. We leave an empty seat between us and the other person, secretly hoping an usher won’t ask us to “scoot in.” What does that empty seat say? Why are we compelled to leave that “safe seat” between us and others?...

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