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Jesus at the Super Bowl

This year lets use the Super Bowl to engage culture just as Jesus would. Let enjoy the gifts He's given us and be sure not to judge those around us for not understanding our choice of moral standards - let's take Jesus to the Super Bowl....

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Evangelism in the Workplace

As cultural opposition toward Christianity grows, what is its effect on your evangelism at work? Are you more faithful or more fearful? Here's some great tips......

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How can I make the most of the preaching I hear every week?

Great sermons are preached every Sunday, I'm pretty much guaranteed to learn something every week, but too often I leave and can't seem to remember what it was that I learned just a few hours earlier. Here's some tips on how to get the most out of Sunday's preaching....

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What Must You Leave Behind?

What must we leave behind if we are to follow Christ? The simplest answer is that we must leave behind idolatry. That’s the very first commandmentâ€"you shall have no other gods before me. There are all sorts of gods: education, athletics, marriage, choice, power, self-expression, beauty, achievement. Whatever you give your whole life for, there’s your ...

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How to pray in public

Every week - sometimes two or three times a service, we speak directly to the king of the universe while the congregation listens in. That’s a tall order, and it should probably scare us a little more than it does. Thankfully, Jesus set an example in John 11:41-42....

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If Jesus Had Not Come

Jesus was not just another prophet like those who had come before him. Nor was he merely a great moralist and motivator. He was, and is, qualitatively different....

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