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How to pray in public

Every week - sometimes two or three times a service, we speak directly to the king of the universe while the congregation listens in. That’s a tall order, and it should probably scare us a little more than it does. Thankfully, Jesus set an example in John 11:41-42....

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If Jesus Had Not Come

Jesus was not just another prophet like those who had come before him. Nor was he merely a great moralist and motivator. He was, and is, qualitatively different....

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Progressing Downward

In the minds of many people inside the church, “Livestrong” is the essence and goal of Christianity. You hear this obsession in our lingo: We talk about someone having “strong faith,” about someone being a “strong Christian,” a “prayer warrior,” or a “mighty man/woman of God.” We want to believe that we can do it...

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You Were Created to Sing

The beauty of Christ is the cause of our songs. His glory draws worship from our hearts to our lips (Revelation 5:6��"14, 7:9��"12)....

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Why We Hide When Life Gets Hard

When things got tough, Adam and Eve hid from God. It's a bad routine we've been copying ever since....

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What That Empty Seat Says

We’ve all done it. We shuffle down a row of chairs and, just before we arrive at a person, we stop one chair short. We leave an empty seat between us and the other person, secretly hoping an usher won’t ask us to “scoot in.” What does that empty seat say? Why are we compelled to leave that “safe seat” between us and others?...

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