August Recommendations

Hello Crossway Family,

When I find something outstanding on the internet, I realize how lucky I am to be alive on the internet that makes information available in such an easy way. And that’s the idea of these monthly recommendations.

Charles Spurgeon said once when he was talking about the importance of commentaries: “It seems odd that certain men who talk so much of what the Holy Spirit reveals to themselves should think so little of what he has revealed to others.”

I’m convinced that it’s a blessing that we can click and listen to amazing teachings or order great books to our doorsteps. Here are those recommendations for August:

By Josiah Grauman

I love Josiah’s teaching, and he has a powerful testimony. Here is the link to his testimony if you want to watch it.

Pastor Grauman delivered an excellent sermon during the 2019 Shepheard’s conference. His sermon is about suffering, how to deal with suffering in our lives. Even though his sermon is primarily for pastors regarding suffering during ministry, there are several principles that we can learn to understand how to suffer well and suffer in absolute trust and dependence in the Lord.

The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

When someone asked Dr. Lloyd-Jones what he was preaching, he answered “Logic on fire.” The ministry and legacy of Martyn Lloyd-Jones are encouraging and one of the most amazing ones in the last century. He was a physician who left medicine to become a beloved and respected minister of God’s Word.

If you enjoy the ministry of Lloyd-Jones, I promise you, you are going to love it, and if you don’t know him, I promise you won’t regret getting to know this amazing man of God.

You can watch this documentary on several platforms; the link directs you to AGtv, which it’s a Christian platform which great content and a reasonable price a month.

By Dane Ortlund

Gentle and Lowly has become a Christian bestseller in recent months. Most times, I would be hesitant about a Christian bestseller book- but not this one.

Ortlund explores the heart of Jesus for his people. His passion towards forgiveness, restoration, and loving-kindness that the redeemed experience from their Savior. Influenced by the work of the Puritans, Gentle and Lowly will walk you through understanding a view of Jesus that will make you know His love for you in a beautiful, biblical, and refreshing way.

We are expecting by mid-August to have free copies for each member of the Crossway Fellowship family!


By Donald Whitney

Praying the Bible it’s one of the most influential books I’ve ever read because it makes prayer alive and natural for me.

I had the chance to take Dr. Whitney’s Spiritual Disciples class, and he asked us, "What did you learn in Sunday school about prayer?" We all said that it’s talking to God. He asked again, "Which of you feel that prayer is an actual conversation?" Almost none of the students answered affirmatively.

Prayer is a spiritual discipline that many believers wrestle with. Praying the Bible is a way in which you can discover a new way to pray while the Bible is instructing your prayers, creating a conversation in which the biblical text guides your prayer as you have a genuine conversation with your God.

I hope you enjoy these August recommendations!