2021 Church Retreat

Our 2021 retreat gave us an opportunity to look back at the past 18 + months, reflect together on how hard it has been, acknowledge the pain, and then begin to look forward. Each of the elders spoke to their own struggles during this hard time, and the body then had opportunity to reflect on his/her challenges as well. In the midst of this, our primary focus was and must continue to be Jesus as we emphasize discipleship, evangelism and missions in all we do.

Session 1 | Loss and Grief

With Carl Poteete & Larry Byrne

Session 2 | Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

With Mark Golike

Session 3 | Running the Race

With Mois├ęs Ortiz

Session 4 | Testimony

With Chris Rosenau

Session 5 | Goodbye Message

With Carl Poteete